Best Watch For Paramedics – Top EMT Watches in 2021

What paramedics and EMTs carry every day can vary depending on preference but must include Pens, a Stethoscope, Flashlight/penlight, Trauma shears, Safety glasses, Pocket knife, and a durable digital or analog watch with a second hand. To help you pick a simple, durable, and affordable watch ...

20 Best Watches For Small Wrists (Watches Under 40mm)

Looking for the best watches for small wrists? You will get everything you need from this article including some buying tips. Large and oversized watches have flooded the marketplace making it a difficult task to pick the right watch for your small wrist. This article will introduce you to ...

7 Best Stylish Watches for College Students in 2021

Modern watches can do more than just tell time. For students, a reliable watch makes all the difference. College students use watches to plan their schedules, set alarms, time their exams, and it’s a part of their outfits. This article outlines the best watches for college students you ...

Best watches for male nurses [8 Reliable Picks]

Whenever we hear about nursing, what quickly comes to mind is that it’s a female profession. However, this profession is about ethics, the desire to save lives, and not about gender. As a male nurse going into the medical field, the notion of tracking time is an essential part of ...

16 Best Day-Date Watches For Your Wrist [2021 Review]

What type of watch do you currently wear? Some people love minimalist watches. These watches, for the most part, have only hour markers and watch hands sweeping the dial. Others prefer an added date window on the dial. However, some people (including me) take this a little further. We like ...

Top 9 Affordable Swiss Watches For 2021

Finding the best affordable Swiss-made watches can be a pain as most timepieces with this label are expensive. Most quality Swiss brands like Omega, Breitling, Rolex produce expensive watches with amazing designs. However, you can still pick up some durable watches at ...

The Best 11 Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Construction sites are pruned to potentially dangerous objects, temporary structures, heights, and the possibility of falling debris. To ensure their safety in construction sites, construction engineers wear hard hats and everything that goes with their profession. So, what are the best durable ...

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