15 Best Watches Under 50 Dollars For Men

In an age where smart screens are eliminating the main purpose of owning a watch, watches are still a fashionable piece for any wardrobe. With watches having a rather long-range in price, we know that sometimes you don’t have to break the bank to get a superb one for yourself. We have in ...

Top 5 Best Aviation Watches Under 500 Dollars

Aviation watches are endowed with specific features that give aviation professionals ultimate visibility and help them navigate the skies. Not all pilots will agree with carrying specific watches to aid them in their profession but they are watches carefully crafted for their profession. Every ...

12 Best Affordable Dress Watches Under $1000

Mostly, dress watches are our daily companion for all outdoor activities. We all see the need for these timepieces to complete our outfits and look smart. However, there’s always this misconception that only expensive watches can fully complement our outfits in society. In this article we ...

8 Best Watches For Nurses: Find Your Next Nurse Watch

Are you constantly searching for the best watches for nurses? Nurses perform lots of tasks during their shift at work. Some of these tasks include: tracking patients’ vitals, charting, med time and the list goes on and on. Keeping track of all these tasks can be so demanding. ...

Our 6 Best German Watches Under 500 Dollars

With advancements in innovation, the watch industry has changed a lot over the years. Today we have watches that are more innovative and advanced in terms of features. However, the increasing trend of vintage watches is still noticeable in the industry today. If you are looking for a german ...

Top 8 Best Watches For Firefighters

Every day, firefighters put their lives on the line for the well-being of society.  Firefighters are always ready to lend a helping hand to those is in need just in the nick of time. All geared up with their fire helmet and all other apparatus in between,  a high-quality durable ...

Top 12 Best Dive Watches Under 500 Dollars

Are you searching for a new dive watch under your budget of $500? This guide introduces you to the best dive watches under 500 dollars. Dive watches are among the most practical timepieces you can own. For divers, a diver’s watch helps them know how long they have been underwater while ...

GPS, Moon Phase Hunting Watches: Best 8 for Hunters

Hunting watches have evolved over the years to include features that were previously available only to high-end watches. While hunting can be a fun activity, you hardly notice how time flies on such trips. Modern hunting watches not only help you keep track of your time spent but also help you ...

Top 7 Best Watches for Police Officers

For those men and women in blue, the law enforcement career can be rewarding, exciting, and even fun. However, it does come with a few licks. It’s a job that comes with its fair share of hard hits and violent encounters. With all these knocks and blows, you need a watch that would not fall ...

8 Best Skeleton Watches under 300 Dollars

Most people like seeing the moving parts of their watches through the front or back parts. This is one reason skeleton watches are common today. While this makes readability difficult sometimes, it’s breath-taking to see all the tiny components in these watches work together to give you an ...

Best Hiking Watch under 200 Dollars – Our Top 7 reviews

According to recent reports, the number of hikers across the United States keeps increasing over the years. While hiking can be fun and very recreational, there are still some gears to take along. Hiking watches are not an exception here as they are increasingly being used among hikers. ...

8 Best Stainless Steel Watches For 2021

Looking for the best stainless steel watches? For a start, you’ve made the best decision to go for a stainless steel watch. There are many watch materials to choose from when you start out shopping for your next watch. Stainless steel has by far outclassed all other watch material in the ...

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