Our 6 Best German Watches Under 500 Dollars


With advancements in innovation, the watch industry has changed a lot over the years. Today we have watches that are more innovative and advanced in terms of features. However, the increasing trend of vintage watches is still noticeable in the industry today.

If you are looking for a german watch that is versatile to complement your casual clothing without splashing a lot of cash, you are in the right place. We bring you a list of the best german watches under 500 dollars to reduce your search time.

These watches with their minimalistic designs have given watch collectors a wide variety of minimalist watches to choose from. This guide might help you take that ultimate decision to own the best german watches today.

We analyze why these watches make our list, the pros, and cons of each.

7 best german watches under 500 dollars

Best German Automatic Watches under 500 dollars

Junkers 6892-2 – SERIES WORLDTIMER

Junkers 6892 2 SERIES WORLDTIMER Clothing Shoes Jewelry Google Chrome
Junkers 6892-2 – SERIES WORLDTIMER – Watch Specifications
Case Diameter40mm
Case Thickness4mm
Case MaterialStainless Steel
MovementSwiss Automatic
Band MaterialLeather
Water Resistance30 meters

This minimalist Bauhaus design ships with a modified 26-jewel Citizen self-winding movement. You can see the silver rotor that drives the automatic movement via an exhibition case back.

This elegant watch comes with a power reserve meter at the 12 o’clock mark and a 24-hour sub-dial at the 6 o’clock mark.

The striking black dial increases the readability of the dial featuring thin hour markers with luminous dots and a 60-minute scale.

All these results in a very handsome watch with a very handy power reserve indicator. For those who enjoy having their time in military format, the 24-hour dial gives you that option.

The timepiece also features a domed Hesalite crystal which is very resistant to accidental drops but scratches easily. It is water-resistant for up to 30 meters, which means it can withstand a few splashes of water.

This is a minimalist watch, but it doesn’t lack useful features.


  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Comes with a power reserve meter
  • Very luxurous Bauhaus design


  • The Hesalite crystal scratches easily
  • The sound of the kinetic winding is loud

Men’s Zeppelin Automatic Watch – Model 7060-4

Men’s Zeppelin Automatic Watch Specifications
Case Diameter40mm
Case Thickness4mm
Case MaterialStainless Steel
MovementSwiss Automatic
Band MaterialLeather
Water Resistance30 meters

A list of the best german watches under 500 dollars is not complete without the men’s Zeppelin automatic watch. This german watch ships with a swiss automatic movement. You can locate its power reserve meter at the 12 o’clock mark. its light beige dial features black hour markers with an outer ring 60-minute scale.

The design looks impressive, and it complements both casual and formal outfits. If you are shopping for a good german dress watch, this fits the description perfectly. It is a must-have for every watch collector.

Some downside to this german watch may include the fact that the dial crystal lacks that desired doom shape. Also, the dial is not scratch-protected as it’s not a sapphire crystal.

Despite some of its downsides, this watch is one of the best dress watches you can pick below the $500 mark.


  • Unique dial
  • Super useful power reserve feature
  • Cool for a dress watch
  • General aesthetics are very attractive.


  • Lacks luminous hands
  • Absence of sapphire crystal
  • The date window is way too small

GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch

Zeppelin Chronograph and Alarm Watch Specifications
Case Diameter42mm
Case Thickness13mm
Case MaterialStainless Steel
MovementJapanese Quartz
Band MaterialLeather
Water Resistance50 meters

This Zeppelin watch comes at a very affordable price despite its classy design. Its overall appearance and style are impressive. If you are looking for a “Made in Germany” watch to add to your luxury collection of best german watches, then this timepiece might be the most suitable option for you.

The watch comes with an alarm feature that is loud enough to hear as compared with other timepieces. Also, it has a  functional chronograph with a unique, distinctive design. This watch is very precise at keeping time and it complements any formal or casual outfit.

Overall, you won’t regret picking this watch.


  • The alarm feature is loud enough.
  • Very good functional chronograph
  • Comes with a doom dial
  • Very Affordable


  • It’s not scratch resistant
  • Straps are stiff

Best German Pilot Watches under 500 dollars

Laco Augsburg German Automatic Pilot Watch

Laco Augsburg German Pilot Watch Specifications
Case Diameter42mm
Case Thickness12mm
Case MaterialStainless Steel
DialSynthetic Sapphire
MovementSwiss Automatic
Band MaterialLeather
Water Resistance50 meters

Laco Augsburg is an original World War II design, perfect for pilots. Owing to its design that fits a World War II type watch, the timepiece lacks a date window.

This german pilot watch ships with a sapphire crystal, which is scratch-resistant, and a Super Luminova technology. This technology enables you to read the dial under multiple lighting conditions.

The design is exquisite with a careful blend of thick brown leather straps and a stainless steel case. The numbers are bold enough and the dial is super clear and easy to read. Making it to our list of best german watches under 500 dollars, this pilot’s watch is very affordable for aviators.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Dial numbers very legible
  • Weighs in as a beautiful pilot’s watch
  • The lume on the dial is outstanding


  • Thick and stiff leather straps

Junkers G38 6946-5 Watch

Junkers G38 6944-1 Watch Specifications
Case Diameter42mm
Case Thickness12mm
Case MaterialStainless Steel
MovementJapanese Quartz
Band MaterialLeather
Water Resistance100 meters

The Junkers G38 6946-5 is a piece of history on your wrist. Designed by Hugo Junkers, this timepiece was made in memory of the Junker G38 plane.

This timepiece comes with some aviation features that make it one of the best german pilot watch under $500. It has a dual time-zone feature, which is very useful for pilots flying across different cities and time zones.

This timepiece shows the dual time-zone with the extra hand with the red tip. The numbers are lumed giving pilots extra readability in a dark cockpit.

Also, the dial is large enough meaning pilots can easily read the time at a first glance. If you are a fan of watches with a doom crystal, then you’d probably like this one too. This timepiece has a doom mineral crystal.


  • Very attractive design
  • The hands and numbers are lumed.
  • Dual-time functionality.
  • The dial is very legible


  • Lacks the 12 o’clock marker for quick reading

Best German Military Watches under 500 dollars

GPW German Military Titanium Watch

GPW Military Titanium Watch Specifications
Case Diameter42mm
Case Thickness13mm
Case MaterialTitanium
DialAnti-reflective Sapphire
MovementJapanese Quartz
Band MaterialRubber
Water Resistance200 meters

This timepiece is among the best German military watches you can find on the market. The timepiece comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. This makes the dial very resistant to scratches.

To build a watch that withstands a hostile environment, the case is made from sandblasted Grade 2 titanium. This translates to the rugged nature of the casing.

To increase the readability of this watch, the hands and markers are lumed making them readable in the dark. Also, this timepiece is water-resistant for up to 660 feet making it a perfect field watch. The design is classic, very typical of any military watch.

While this watch can serve as a field watch because of its rugged nature, it is no replacement for a perfect dive watch. However, with a second time zone feature, it can be used for both maritime and aviation purposes.

Overall, if you are searching for the best german military watches under $500, this timepiece fits that query.


  • Very light and comfortable on wrist
  • Excellent lume and glows for a long time
  • The dial is scratch resistant
  • Perfect design


  • The anti-reflective coating is not the best

Things you should consider before shopping for the best German watches 500 dollars

1) Decide on your budget

When you plan to buy the best german watch, price is the number one factor. German watchmakers produce watches within a range of a hundred and thousands of dollars. Hardly would you find a german watch that falls below the $100 price tag. So you can see that setting your budget for these watches is obviously the first step.

With a pre-defined budget, you already know which german watch brand fits your needs. German watches are on the pricey side.

2) Take a look at the material

Another major decision you will unavoidably make is what material you want your watch to be made of. Each german watchmaker has a distinct material that they largely use in their watches.

If you’re looking to buy a leather watch, make sure it’s high-quality authentic leather. Also, if stainless steel is the material used, make sure it’s of a 316L grade and above. Stainless steel of these grades would mean that the material is corrosion-resistant.

3) Consider the brand

When shopping for the best german watches, the brand is everything. There are some top german watch brands that specialize in aviation watches while others focus on dress watches.

Your needs for a german watch would align you with one brand over another. For instance, Sinn and Zeppelin have a reputation for pilot and field watches while Nomos and Braun focus on dress watches. So which german watch brands are you going for? We have taken some time out to review some (not a complete list) of the top german watch brands below.

4) Choose a design

Finally, the last aspect we discuss is rather subjective. Watches come in every shape, size, and color imaginable. Make sure you get a watch that will fit in well with your everyday wardrobe. Do you prefer a bold or sleek, elegant or glamorous watch? Most German watch brands have you covered as they produce from minimalist designs to chronographs.

Top German Watch Brands

Quality watches around the world are not solely manufactured by Swiss and Japanese brands. German watchmakers have risen over the years too to become a major dominant force in this marketplace. Today, you’ll find some of the best watch brands in the world from Germany.

In this review, we take you through a tour of some top German watch brands. We start from cheap german watch brands to luxury and expensive brands.

1) Braun

Braun is a brand that is little known outside Germany and Europe. Braun has been around for decades. Until 1977, Braun was a consumer products company whose headquarters was Kronberg. Their first true classic watch released in 1989, called the AW10, placed the company as a major market force in the watch industry in Germany.

Today, Braun prides itself as one company that produces the best german watches that compete in price and quality.

Take a look at some cheap Braun watches under $500.

2) Junkers

Pointtec a parent company licensed the Junkers to watch brand. Pointtec later in 2018 replaced this best-selling brand in favor of Iron Annie. This decision was sole because of a sharp increase in royalty fees for the Junkers’ license. However, the Junkers family now uses the brand to make its own Junkers watches.

Junkers watches have a spotless design, easy-to-read dial, and a very distinctive glass doom. Most of its models come with a triangular logo at the 12 o’clock mark, which is very typical of aviation watches, clean lines, and fonts to sum up its beauty.

Check out some Junker’s watch reviews here.

3) Zeppelin

Zeppelin is one of the top german watchmakers committed to making affordable german watches in the country. They specialize in old-style watches that take their cues from early german watchmakers and the German aviation industry. Most of their watches are simple pilot watches and field-style watches.

Zeppelin also majors in the chronograph sphere, producing some full-featured chronograph models.

Take a look at some top Zeppelin timepieces under $500.

4) Junghans

Founded by Ernhard Jungians, the Junghans brand has been around since the 1960s. The brand came to light with its own distinctive, exciting style after they started working with Bauhaus designer Max Bill. Junghans was one of the first brands to add lume to watches, which helps users read the dial in the dark.

Bauhaus still designs many of its watches today, adding a minimalist and attractive touch to them.

You can find varieties of all Junghans watches here.

5) MeisterSinger

Mainly known for its wide range of dress and dive watches, MeisterSinger is a relative newcomer in the German watch industry. It was founded by Manfred Brassler in 2001. The brand specializes in mechanical timepieces with a great deal of care and thought going into each timepiece they produce.

If you are out looking for a German classic masterpiece that shines in all its features, the MeisterSinger answers it all. Though on the expensive side, their single-handed timepieces are breathtaking.

Review every collection of this brand and see what fits your needs.

6) Nomos

Nomos is among the few brands that make their own in-house movements. Founded by Roland Schwertner in Glashütte, they have become the biggest producer of mechanical watches in Germany. Nomos embraced the same Bauhaus design that made Junghans a popular brand in the mid-90s.

They have a clean design. with larger dials and unique shades and colors. They produce almost all their parts by hand, so their watches don’t come cheap but are still relatively cheaper than most swiss luxury watches.

Check out the best Nomos watches on the market.

7) Sinn

In Frankfurt, Germany, Hemet Sinn started this company to cater to pilot watches and navigational clocks. Unlike other companies, Sinn sold its watches directly to consumers with selected watch sellers now able to stock them. They have a wide variety of modern watches that are very reliable.

Sinn’s watches are reliable enough that astronauts and marine units of the German federal police used them. If you want a unique watch, consider Sinn watches. Check out the different models on their website.


Is Breitling German or Swiss?

Grenchen, Switzerland is the headquarter of Breitling S.A. The company was founded by

Léon Breitling in 1884 is known for making high-quality chronometer aviator watches. Well-polished cases and bracelets characterize Breitling watches and a large watch face for improved visibility.

Where are Junghans watches made?

The Junghans brand was first created by Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler in Schramberg, Germany since 1861. Until this day, Junghans still makes these watches in Schamberg, Germany. Junghans watches combine innovation and attention to detail.

Is Junghans a luxury brand?

The simple answer: Yes. Junghans has continued its quest for excellence and has created a range of watches from the simplistic design of Max Bill to the chronograph MEISTER Driver design.

Wrapping Things Up

So you have it: our list of the best german watches under 500 dollars. We might not have listed all the best german watches you have on the market right now, but we have taken the time to give you a few excellent ones.

Do you think there is a watch that should have made this list we didn’t mention? Tell us about it. We are actively updating this list as soon as we lay our hands on a german watch that fits this post.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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