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Reasons Why Military Wear Watches Inside Wrist

One of the main reasons why military personnel wear watches on the inside of their wrists is because it keeps the watch from being damaged. The strap on the outside of the wrist can rub against equipment and weapons, causing scratches and dents in the watch casing. By wearing the watch on the ...

Automatic Watches vs Mechanical Watches

There are many people who debate whether automatic watches are better than mechanical watches. The truth is, it really depends on your preferences. Automatic watches are powered by the motion of your arm, while mechanical watches are powered by a wound spring. Here are some pros and cons of each ...

Men Wear Watch In Which Hand?

Men Wear Watch In Which Hand or On Which Wrist? Everyone has different preferences with the way they wear their watches. Some like to wear their watch on which wrist, while others would rather wear it on which hand. Regardless of your preference, both are just as correct as one another. ...

How To Polish A Watch Crystal – 4 Useful Steps

Do you have a scratch on your watch?  Before you think of replacing the watch crystal, you might want to know how to fix this. How to polish a watch crystal is the obvious question that runs through the minds of many watch users. Polishing is the act of removing material from the surface to ...

How Does a Watch Winder Work? A Complete Guide

If you are a watch collector or own more than one automatic watch, then you may have encountered one problem. Keeping your watches wound when you do not wear them for weeks or months. Well, others solve this problem by using a watch winder. So, what is a watch winder, and how does a watch winder ...

How to Remove Condensation From A Watch: 5 Simple Hacks

Wearing a watch is one of those things that just feels right. It is a symbol of class, wealth, and power, and it is only fitting that a watch should last a long time. However, no matter how careful you are with your watch, it is likely to get rusty, dirty, and smelly over time. And if you are ...

How to Use A Watch As A Compass: Life-Saving Tips

What if you are lost, or you need to find out directions, but you don’t have a compass? Luckily, you can use your watch to get the answer. In this article, I will show you simple methods and steps on how to use a watch as a compass when you need one. I will keep things as simple as possible, so ...

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